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Many people are turning to the net to make a profitable venture online. For us, we do everything in person – while we can have an online 4H community, the value comes from connecting with the animals. This apparently didn’t mean we still couldn’t benefit in terms of member outreach and community support, so we decided to reach out to a number of companies. However we quickly learned that marketing your venue on the web is really difficult due to cut throat competition to win prospects. In such a dubious situation, it is handy to employ the best Google advertising Calgary services available so that it will steer loads of targeted customers to your website. This is where Google AdWords comes into play to help out.

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What is Google AdWords?

It is pay per click advertising aimed at driving targeted traffic to your site for particular keywords. In this strategy, you have to pick keywords of your choice, select the type of ad and fund your AdWords account. Whenever users will perform a search query online using your chosen keywords, your website will show up on the first page of search results in the form of sponsored listings. However, you will be charged for clicks generated from your ad campaign.

Whether you have a high page rank or a low page rank, you are certain to get first page ranking with the AdWords campaign. Additionally, the traffic you get from your pay per click campaign is highly targeted. The chances of visits of potential customers to your site are enhanced to a great extent. This is why it is advised to use AdWords, the most effective Calgary SEO for your business, to get quick and targeted traffic of desired customers.

What is an SEO audit?

We have had so many companies offer us a free seo audit, and we’re not afraid to admit the fact that we’re a 4H society and knew nothing about this stuff. Our first question was what is an seo audit and do we need one? Apparently we did, because it’s the starting point for most SEO work. You need to know how your content performs and if there are any technical limitations on your website. Cognatio Media has a great article (found in the above link) about SEO audits, or you can check out Cognatio Media’s website here or watch the video below for more information about their Halifax office:

Cognatio Media
540 Southgate Dr #204, Halifax, NS B4A 0C9
(902) 700-5083

Securing Great Dog Boarding Services

Having your pet by your side each and every moment of the day is likely something that you have wished for in the past. However, this is simply not an option when your life is filled with a considerable amount of time away from home. Traveling is an amazing way to see parts of the country that would provide you with an influx of new and exciting experiences, but this can result in an added pressure as a pet owner.


It is very common for people to limit their travel experiences simply because of the fact that they do not know how to deal with the needs of a pet. The best way to ensure that you do not push yourself out of the amazing travel experiences that you deserve would be to secure the best dog boarding Halifax service available. Leaving your dog with a highly trained staff in a loving environment is an effective way to ensure the best for your pet. Having access to trained experts would be the key to an amazing vacation experience when you are tasked with ensuring that your pet is well taken care of at all times.